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LMT #26792


Who am I?

My name is Catherine, pronouns are they, them and she/her. I identify as being queer in my sexuality and fluid in my existence as a feminine presenting person.  I came to the world of bodily awareness as a healing practice through  the world of dance, herbalism, theater artistry and yoga. Blending healing work with with constant education is truly my passion. 

How Do I Hold Space? 

In engaging with me, I offer a safer space that is informed with kindness and love. As a survivor of trauma with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who has engaged and continues to engage in much education on the subject, I am highly knowledgeable in regards to mental wellness. I build spaces that are centered on trauma conscious wellness and awareness. I am focused on cultivating a  space that centers YOUR needs and wants! 


Craniosacral Therapy $88

60min Integrative Massage $88

Pregnancy Massage $88

Postpartum Massage $88

Mobile Massage Services $111

Tarot & Oracle Readings $55