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LMT #25042


My approach to massage incorporates a blend of listening through touch, encouraging nervous system resiliency, myofascial release, acupressure, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue (meaning a depth of work, not always a depth of pressure). I also offer Gua Sha, cupping, and scar tissue integration. You can expect my touch to be gentle and firm, tracking to be consistent (meaning I let you know where I am moving, through verbal words or predictable touches), and my belief in your innate wisdom to be vast. We will co-customize each session based on your desires with an underlying focus on restoring trust in one’s own body, breath, and being. 

The gifts of being believed and held have been some of the most profoundly healing and integrative experiences of my life. 


After years of the Medical Industrial Complex dismissing my chronic pain, fatigue, frequent meltdowns, dissociative and nonverbal episodes, I was blessed with the experience of a trauma-informed person walking me through my breath and offering me co-regulative touch. They recognized that my body needed to feel heard. This invited me to show up for myself in a way I hadn’t yet experienced, and soon I connected with more practitioners that would help me come into myself and eventually pursue working with others as a licensed massage therapist.

Additional enthusiasms of mine include: working consciously with power dynamics and integration of unconsciousness, astrology, folk herbalism informed by Indigenous wisdoms, writing poetry, the intersections of critique and dream, taking pictures of and drawing flowers, learning about boundaries from cats, well-organized fridges and working at a local queer-owned mushroom farm.

Communities I belong to and am passionate about supporting:

  • queer, trans, and nonbinary folks

  • survivors of SA, domestic, and childhood abuse

  • Autistics and folks with neurodiverse/neuro-emergent experiences

  • folks who experience gender or queer erasure, or gender-based violence

  • folks with chronic pain conditions often invisiblized by this world