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LMT #26199


My name is Kirah, and I am trans non-binary, and queer. I use they/them pronouns and prefer gender neutral language to be used to describe me! 


My practice is centered around working with other queer and trans folks, people with ptsd, chronic pain, people with medical trauma, fat people, and people who are looking for a bodywork experience that blends many techniques. 


I came to bodywork after many years of experiencing chronic illness, and am incredibly passionate about finding ways to honor and listen to our bodies in a system that tells us to do the opposite. 


My bodywork includes full body massage, craniosacral therapy, silicone cupping, and astrology & tarot led energy work, to create a body work session that is supportive of the physical, emotional, and spiritual self. 


I strive to be trauma informed in my practice and am committed to learning and growth in all areas of my work. 


All of my services are offered according to our pay what is sustainable for you model. We have found this to be an accessible way to eliminate the financial barrier that many people face in trying to receive massage.


I am so looking forward to working with you! 

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