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LMT #27206


Hi I'm meesh! I have had a long time special interest in muscles, fascia and somatics so am delighted to be a bodyworker. My approach to bodywork is rooted in trusting each body's innate wisdom to heal and move in the most functional, joyful way available. I am devoted to empowering my clients voice and practicing ongoing consent. I see my role as that of witness and facilitator, and have seen big changes in client's pain just from offering safe touch, gentle suggestion, and curiosity. 


I offer a gentle form of myofascial release work, which does not use oil or lotion. For many it feels like a slow unwinding or subtle stretch through many layers of the body. I incorporate some craniosacral elements when it feels appropriate.


I also offer integrative massage using oil or lotion if that is what your body craves. My style is flowy and slow, deep but not painful, sometimes incorporating silicone cupping. 


As with all of us, I carry many identities that shape how I show up in our current context. Some of these are non binary, queer, settler, skinny, white, neurodivergent. I am in the continual process of unlearning the harmful ways of systems of domination and growing deeper into true solidarity. I seek to understand how I impact others, and really appreciate any opportunity to repair harm and learn from my mistakes.

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