A warm water, holistic therapy that encourages sensory integration through touch, communication, stillness, and movement. Aquatic Integration is a trauma informed approach to aquatic bodywork and offers positive effects for sensory neurological repatterning, trauma healing, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cerebral palsy, injury recovery, rehabilitation, anxiety, stress, and much more.


Sessions include a walk and talk in the water, the smooth transition into the horizontal position, use of soft floats to relax into the support of the water, fluid exploration of your unique ranges of motion and movement in the moment, and a soothing transition back into the upright posture for the self integration process.

Our trauma informed approach to craniosacral therapy offers the potential to create dynamic improvements in a noninvasive way. By holding space to release soft tissue strain patterns running deep within the body, pain and dysfunction are relieved to improve whole-body health and performance.

Appointments include time to check in about how you are in the moment and identify your own unique goals for being abundantly well. Each session is fully clothed and lying either face up or on one side.


A massage session unique to you. Integrative massage blends traditional massage methods with myofascial and craniosacral techniques to address your injuries, chronic pain, and physical or mental stress.


Offering two forms of myofascial bodywork: direct and indirect.  Both work to release restrictions in the muscular and fascial systems but approach it in two ways.


Direct myofascial release uses skin-on-skin contact with little to no oils or lotions. 


Indirect myofascial bodywork uses calming rhythmic passive movements to fully clothed clients.

This work addresses jaw pain and dysfunction.

 A TMJ session will include integrative massage to address the body as a whole. With this work, the practitioner uses gloves to manipulate the muscles and soft tissue within the mouth.

**Please note that intraoral work is not currently offered during the COVID-19 pandemic & masks are required during sessions.


We strive to increase accessibility for our services, especially for folx directly impacted by the intersecting systems of oppression in our society. Therefore, we offer a pay what is sustainable for you model in light of the ongoing pandemic, 

systemic racism, transphobia, and fatphobia present in our society.

Our services are valued at $100 per hour, but we trust your need and are honored to receive what is sustainable for you. Please do not let cost be a barrier to receiving the care you need.