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LMT #26995


I’m very passionate about making bodywork as accessible as I’m able, hence why I’m at Be Abundant. Working here allows me to offer all my services according to our ‘pay what’s sustainable for you’ model. 


My style tends towards slow, gentle, but deep using multiple modalities including Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy depending on your needs.


As a neurodivergent queer person, I understand that what feels safe for one person can feel completely different for another. Throughout the session I aim to create an environment that suits your sensory needs as well as provide opportunity for nonverbal communication. If you have any questions about what a session would look like, please don’t hesitate to call or email.


Bodywork has had profound effects in helping me navigate personal and collective grief and assisting me with my chronic illnesses and the pain associated with them. I would not be able to serve my community otherwise. I believe that it should never be a luxury, but something everyone, particularly people marginalized by capitalism, should have access to on a regular basis. It can be hard finding a therapeutic fit, but I humbly offer my services if you think the above description is what you’re looking for.

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